CPD Seminars

CPD Seminar – The Essential Guide to Type B BS8102:2009 Structural Waterproofing

In today’s construction industry, where time is of the essence a successful waterproofing strategy is imperative. From specification to installation the presence of a committed waterproofing expert is essential to any project. The ICE publication ‘Reducing the Risk of Leaking Substructure – A Clients Guide 2009’ recommends a single point of responsibility for substructure waterproofing and this presentation will explore this in detail.

This CPD seminar focuses on the use of Type B BS8102:2009 waterproofing strategies and takes an in depth look at Type B Waterproof Concrete and how it can reduce your project timescale and costs.

This includes;

  • An extensive explanation of Type B BS8102:2009 and how to create a successful below ground concrete structure.
  • Overview of integral waterproofing systems and how they can benefit your project.
  • The importance of workmanship – On-site QA.
  • The additional benefits of using modified concretes – not just waterproof!
  • A detailed look at relevant design codes BS EN 1992 Part 1 & Part 3 and practicality on site.
  • Relevant case studies illustrating the advantages of using Type B waterproof concrete
  • An overview of PUDLO Waterproof Concrete system and how they can assist you in your next project

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